Product Inspection & Food Safety

Welcome to Shawpak Systems Ltd your Trusted Advisor in Product Inspection & Food Safety. Shawpak Systems is the sole representative for Mettler Toledo Product Inspection Equipment, Kohlhoff Hygiene Solutions & One Motion magnetic Direct Drive Technology.

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We are 100% Canadian owned and operated.

Product Safety

Our experience in the product inspection industry is essential to the success of our quality assurance program, because we can enhance the safety of your products by detecting contaminants, for the removal, before those products reach your consumers.

Protection and Trust

Protecting your customers, shareholders and brand is your ultimate goal. Ensuring that you have the proper equipment to do the job is ours.

Products to Suit Your Needs

Hygiene Equipment, Product Inspection Solutions, Custom Conveyors, Consulting Services, Training & Demonstration Facility, Sealing Equipment Magnetic Direct Drive Technology.

Technical Advisors

Shawpak Systems Technical Advisors will guide you through the best practice options available based on your specific application, acting as your Trusted Advisor.


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