drying panels are suitable for drying boots and shoes. They consist of a tubular frame which is provided with holders for the storage of boots or clogs. Warm air is conducted through the tubular frame and released into the boot or shoe through openings in each holder. The optimal positioning of the air outlet nozzle ensures air circulation. The capacity of the drying panels ranges from 5 to 50 pairs.

Reduciton Of Odour Formation
Programmable Timers
Wall or Floor Mounted
Hygenic Design

ITEC – Boot & Shoe Drying

Stiefel- und Clogtrocknungspaneel | Wall-mounted drying panel for boots and clogs

Wall Mounted ITEC

Kohlhoff – Boot & Shoe Drying

Wall Mounted STH

Boot Drying STT

Floor Mounted STT

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