Forced Air Convection Tunnels

Forced air convection tunnels use large volumes of high velocity air to impart sufficient shrink energy to the film. For most products, this type of tunnel does an excellent job. Texwrap’s standard line of forced air tunnels have proven over years of use to be capable of producing excellent results with most packages. Digital temperature controls, high velocity fans, individual top and bottom controls of air direction and variable speed conveyors all contribute to produce outstanding shrink results. Texwrap offers diverse tunnels to meet unique product requirements, including: Single Chamber Tunnels / Double Chamber Tunnels / Triple Chamber Tunnels

Single Chamber Tunnel

Texwrap’s line of single-chamber forced air convection tunnels are designed to give outstanding shrink results on lower speed applications.

Double Chamber Tunnel

Two chambers for higher speed applications, and paired easily with continuous motion wrappers.

Triple Chamber Tunnel

Texwrap triple chamber tunnels provide excellent shrink wrap results on high speed applications.

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