Offering unmatched accuracy, Triangle In-Line Combination Weighers are ideal for a wide variety of food packaging applications, from semi-moist or IQF products such as frozen vegetables to dry flowables such as cereal or pasta, as well as various confectionery products. Triangle InLine Combination Weighers are available in two base models: Model A612 and Model A918. Model A612 features 12 selection buckets (4” x 4”) and a maximum speed of 135 discharges per minute. With 18 selection buckets (4” x 4” or 4” x 6”), Model A918 offers a maximum speed of up to 165 discharges per minute.


Triangle know your product! Our In-Line Combination Weighers feature three different product feeding methods, depending on your product characteristics: vibratory trays, a hopper, or a unique belt-fed system for fresh products. This ensures optimum product distribution and weight accuracy. All designs feature quick, hand removable features for easy accessibility and sanitation. In addition, the split tray design offers a multiple-product blending option. Available in smooth or Rigid-Tex finish to ensure smooth product flow.


  • Mount directly over vffs bagger to save space
  • Fast double-door bucket design reduces product streaming
  • Vibration-resistant weigh cells
  • Quick-change, tool-less, hand-removable buckets and front trays
  • Rockwell Automation (AB) controls
  • Operator-friendly touch screen controls


  • Multiple product blending
  • Adjustable feed trays
  • Fragile product handling features
  • 3 product feed systems
  • Product grader module
  • Sloped discharge hopper
  • Rigid-Tex product contact parts
  • Electropolish and proprietary release coatings
  • Dust control enclosure
  • Sift-proof, sealed bearing bucket doors
  • Water spray
  • Timing gate for high speed product control

Model A918

Model A612

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