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Integrated systems: innovative bottle lines for solid dose products
Uhlmann presents two pharmaceutically compliant, integrated lines for the packaging of tablets in bottles in the form of the IBC 150 and IBC 240. Capsules and coated tablets can also be filled into bottles on these Uhlmann lines and efficient labeling follows using the integrated Labeler L 180. Uhlmann offers efficiency, flexibility, and a high level of operating comfort with an integrated solution for the packaging of solids in bottles.

  • Format-free bottle transport for an uninterrupted product flow – from start to finish
  • Great flexibility on account of the small number of format parts, fast format changeovers, and automated adjustment to a new bottle height
  • Scalable performance: up to four counting modules and three capping units for added counting capacity or higher output, or a combination of both, for up to 150 bottles or 24,000 tablets or capsules per minute
  • One hundred percent counting accuracy with the Cremer infrared counting system
  • Optional tablet inspection for maximum pharmaceutical reliability
  • Fully enclosed system for operator and product protection
  • Servo-regulated capping system for the processing of all types of caps
  • Central, intuitive operation using the HMI SmartControl

IBC 150

IBC 240

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