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ITEC is a leading global brand providing a wide range of hygiene and disinfection solutions. ITEC Equipment is a market leadersin product yield and product quality. Benefit from maximum efficiency to save water, air and electricity. Access systems also enable fast and optimal cleaning enabling you to achieve the maximum levels of hygiene in all systems. ITEC provides a wide range of hygiene and disinfection systems for businesses and public organisations

Sole & Boot Cleaning

Cleaning soles and boots is one of the most important hygiene measures for access to production areas in the food industry or other hygienically sensitive areas.

Hand Cleaning

ITEC offers a range of high quality hand cleaning and disinfection solutions that set new standards in terms of efficiency, eco-friendliness and design.

Hand Disinfection

ITEC soap and disinfectant dispensers are suitable for liquids, soaps and gels. They permit hygienic and economic dispensing procedures. ITEC provides manual and automatic dispensers

Entry Control – Hand Cleaning

ITEC hand cleaning and disinfection control systems, safeguard controlled access to sensitive areas that have special hygiene requirements.

Hygiene Stations

ITEC hygiene stations combine sole cleaning with controlled hand cleaning and disinfection and thus enable perfect fast track personnel hygiene and controlled access.

Boot Drying

ITEC drying panels are suitable for drying boots and shoes. They consist of a tubular frame which is provided with holders for the storage of boots or shoes.

Knife Cleaning & Storage

The sterilization and disinfection of knives is very important for the quality control in the production process. The ITEC program offers work-related or central sterilization and disinfection systems. knife holders are the perfect solution for hygienic and safe storage of knives, sharpening steels and gloves at the workplace and in the designated hygienic areas after work

Storage & Accessories

Staff room equipment manufactured by ITEC fulfills all modern workplace standards. Lockers, benches, hygiene barriers, wardrobes, panels for drying boots and clogs, storage systems and dispensers are designed for professional and hygienic use

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