In Genesis chapter 4 - Cain and Abel

In Genesis chapter 4, we see the story of two brothers, Cain and Abel, who brought offerings before God. Cain offered to God some of the fruits of the soil, and Abel brought an offering of a lamb from his flock of which he was a shepherd. God accepted Abels offering, but not Cains.

Why did God reject Cains offering? Both Cain and Abel loved God and brought Him an offering. In fact, Cain would have worked harder than Abel; he had to toil to produce fruit from the soil, while Abel just grabbed a lamb from his own flock. The answer is found in what each offering represents. Cains offering represents works; working hard in an effort to try to please God. Abel's offering of a lamb represents relying on Jesus; Jesus is the Lamb who was crucified before God to save the world. The offering of working hard to try to please God was rejected; the offering of relying on Jesus the Lamb was accepted by God.

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So we can see that resting in the fact that Jesus is righteous for us is what pleases God, rather than us working hard to try to achieve our own righteousness before Him.

Example Number 3: Sarah and Hagar a picture of not waiting on Gods timing

In Genesis chapter 15, God promised Abraham (then called Abram) a son. But Abraham's wife Sarah (then called Sarai) would not wait on God to fulfil His promise. So she made Abraham sleep with her maidservant Hagar, who had a son they named Ishmael. Much distress and tension arose between Hagar, Sarah and Abraham as a result of the birth of Ishmael. Fourteen years later, Sarah became pregnant and gave birth to a son they named Isaac thus, God fulfilled what He had promised to Abraham.

So what can we see from this? We can see that although Sarah wanted the right thing (the fulfillment of Gods promise), rather than waiting on Gods timing, she went ahead and tried to make it happen herself. This caused much strife and grief in the household. Sarah did not trust God enough when things seemed slow; she did not rest in Him. The result was stress and heartache. However, we see that God did not break His promise; when the timing was right, God allowed for Abraham and Sarah to have the son He had promised them.

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