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WordPress has to be one of the best ways I have found to build a website. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and if you found another way to do a self-hosted website, please share. First I wanted to say there is a difference between and a self-hosted website. With a self-hosted website, you have someone else hosting it. That means, the content is yours. No one can take it from you and no one can remove your website except you (unless you forget to pay the bill haha).

The other, as well as many free places, they can remove your content and shut down your website if they choose to. Yes even the free blogger can do it. And if you don't own your website, ultimately, you don't own your content. Scary huh? That's why I chose to do my own.

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So now that you are logged in to your website administration page, I would start with your settings. Under the Settings Tab, choose General. All you have to do is fill out the information. Remember to use the email address you made for the website. Set your time zone, and choose how you want the date and time to look. Then Save your changes.

Next you have the writing tab. The only thing I would do to that one, is to add ping sites at the bottom under update services. I have a list of these ping sites on another post. Don't forget to save your changes after adding those.

Next is the reading tab. I like to make sure that I have 15 selected for blog pages shown on front page and the feed showing the most recent 15 as well. Now something else you will do is make sure it is set for summary instead of full. It will not only take up so much space if you show it in full, but it will also show all the ads on the front page as well. This isn't something you want to do. It makes it look crowded and cheap. Also you are only allowed 3 Google ads at a time on a page. Save your changes.

On the Discussions tab, just go down through there and choose what the options you want. Myself, I haven't done anything to it.

On the Media tab, there is nothing really for you to do.

On the Permalinks Tab, I chose to have the post name. That way, it's easier for search engines to find it since you will be using keywords as post titles.

Save your changes.


Now let's move onto themes. You have your choice of many different themes. You can choose one by hovering over Appearance in the list on the left side, and clicking themes. After that, on the top tabs, click install theme. Now you can search by keyword, or just colors. I wanted to let you know, myself I like having my sidebar on the right side, but you can choose which ever you like. Also, make sure when you click on the details of the theme, check the stars to see about the reviews. And use the preview button to have it open it up so you can see it better. After you are done looking, you have two choices, one install it, or two, close. Make sure you don't use the back button or you will have to start all over. The close button, is actually the words close and they are on the webpage under your back button. Once you find the one you want and install it, activate it. Don't worry, this may sound complicated but I promise it's not. When you click the install button, it takes you to another webpage, it begins the installing and then gives you links when it's done to get a live preview (this allows you to see what it would look like with your words and before activating) as well as a link to activate. So see this is simple.


Now after you have your theme, you can customize most of them. That means you can choose different colors and such. Just click on the customize button on the page it takes you to and see what options you have. Play around with it, and remember no matter what you do, it doesn't save it until you click save and publish.


I wanted to throw this in there really quick. Under Appearance you have a widgets tab. If you go there, you can see what all is going to be on the sidebar. I like to make sure the Meta section isn't on there. This keeps people from trying to log in to admin area. Also I usually remove Archives. They can still find what they are looking for by searching or in categories. We will get to that more in another article.

Now that you have all this set up, I want to touch down on three plug-ins you should have before posting. One is Akismet. It helps stop spam. So under the plug-ins tab click add new and search for that plug-in. Install it. It will ask you for a key but also show you where to get one. It's simple. I promise. Another one is the Google XML sitemap. This helps gets your website out there. Another is the WordPress SEO. This is one of the best I have found. Just install it and you will see what it does when you go to make a post. It helps you with keywords and making sure your article can quickly be seen.

I will touch down on many other helpful plug-ins in my next post. I just wanted to help get you set up and on the ball for today.

Also if you would rather have someone else build it for you, contact me. I can show you some of my sites and see if that is something you would be interested in. I will say though, I do charge. You will have to purchase the domain name and hosting yourself but after that I charge $40 to set it up so that all you have to do is write.

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