Now, talking about leadership. I have learned a lot from this experience, as one of the youth leaders I have understood that leading is hard, it takes time, and resources. But, the end result is a life changing experience. I have learned not to delegate tasks only, since delegating tasks only creates followers. But when you delegate authority, you create leaders.

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My plan is to eventually get out of the picture. I want to leave other leaders leading the way for thousands of people. This is not about me or anything else, this is about glorifying God, and I know that our purpose is to make disciples. As leaders, I believe we need to replicate ourselves and make disciples. The problem is that now a days leaders are scared to delegate authority because they always want to be "The Leader". Let me tell you that a leader is a leader whatever he is, whatever he is doing, and with whoever he is with. Let us make a difference in this world.

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