10 Free Drupal Modules You Cannot Miss

Drupal has always stood as the top choice of the webmasters as far as the open sourced content management systems are concerned. However, handling a Drupal account may not work well for the non-technicians as the entire set up has been built on nodes which have been further incorporated with different varieties of content. In order to ease the administrative burden of a Drupal CMS, try these ten useful and easy add-ons.

1. Backup and Migrate

One of the most essential as well as important things for a website developer is the ability to easily and quickly back up the website in case it is moved or restored. However, the Drupal Development Company does not provide for this feature in the core tools. But you can easily add this backup and migrate module in order to exercise this feature which offers several scheduling options.

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2. Context

Previously, Drupal offered a variety of different options within distinctive Drupal themes. So the web developers or the Drupal admins would have to check a variety of options for setting the appearance of a single page. However, the Context module makes the work easier as well as simplified by enabling the admin to declare and manage the contexts for a website and therefore control the appearance of the different parts of the website.

3. Custom Contextual Links

The administrative tools provided in the Drupal can be at times a little complicated and tedious to handle. Under such circumstances, the custom contextual links module can serve to the rescue. This little and easy to use module can actually pave way to an easy admin life by making the handling

and other working processes of the Drupal much simpler.

4. Delta

Delta is an iterative kind of module which can aid in enhancing the Contexts feature set in a cool manner. It enables the admin to configure the overall theme settings of the site based on the groups of path, context or the node types. In other words, the Delta module helps the admin or the user to create custom theme settings for the context of the website as and when needed.

5. Display Suite

The display suite module can help you in a quick application of the custom layout settings to the individual or particular content nodes like the articles or to the entire web site as a whole. Such a detailed customization is significant and usually varies for different forms of nodes.

6. Field Group

This module will enable the user with the display and creation of the field in any desired Drupal form. By using the Field Group module, you can easily use tabs or craft a multi-page form and accordion web page wrappers and controls in order to separate the field or make an easier use.

7. Media

Handling the media files in the Drupal might come as a cumbersome process to many. The media module is perfect for them which are more intuitive and even faster than the core tools. You can edit your content, the articles, add images, YouTube videos or even pull any other link or add-on from web into it.

8. Menu Block

The configurations controls and the menu editing tools provided by the Drupal Development Company are generally limited. However, the Menu Block module covers for this problem and enables the admin with more menu configurations within the Drupal itself.


Views module acts as a smart and quick query builder in Drupal which helps in displaying any kind of lists such as the table of content, forum posts and other similar things. In this manner, you can easily filter and sort the content of a particular list.

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