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Curious how to rank on Google? SEO (search engine optimization) is required if you want to rank on Google and you have competitors. Most businesses do have competition so start there. See what your competitors are doing to see if you can use some of those same techniques. Some are so obvious while others are harder to detect. There are a few things you will be able to detect just by reading the code of their website but there are many things you won't be able to realize unless you use a seo tool. But if you don't have the budget for hiring someone to review your website and give you a consultation on what you can do to improve your website's ranking then check out these 7 tips to rank on Google .

1. Keyword Research: Use Google AdSense's keyword tool to do your research. It's free!

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2. Local Search: Use your location in a keyword phrase.

3. Page Titles: Make sure your page title include keywords and that every page title on your website is unique.

4. Website URLs: Use descriptive keywords in your URL and if you change the URL of a web page create a 301 re-direct so cached links aren't broken.

5. Sitemap: Submit your sitemap.xml file to Google this is different than your human readable sitemap page.

6. Backlinks: Find websites related to yours and offer reciprocal links.

7. Google Places: Get your business listed on Google Maps!

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