Homebrew: Dreams to Reality

Comprehensive Business plan The first thing we set out to do was a business plan we had our business concept, a microbrewery with small caf that would be family friendly. Next was to define the mission and values for the business.The vision of CBC was to create a unique experience in relation to beer production and appreciation. Visitors would be able to learn about the brewing process and be educated in the appreciation of beer in much the same way wineries have succeeded in educating the general public in the appreciation of wine.Our mission was to provide premium quality ales and lagers through the use of quality processes and ingredients. CBC would be committed to the Bavarian Beer Purity Law of 1516 and strive for excellence through innovation and quality at the same time respecting the rural environment in which it is located.

We also felt it was important to outline the core values which would determine the quality of our products and services, how we treat our staff and customers, the culture of our organisation and our environmental practices.

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From there we felt it was important to conduct an overall market analysis looking at the tourism market in the south west region of WA, the beer market globally and in Australia, the microbrewing industry in Australia as well as current trends and changes in these markets. We looked at the various market segments as well as conducting a comprehensive analysis of our competitors.As in most business plans we identified our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as well as what sort of business strategy would be used, a description of products and services proposed and a marketing and sales strategy for these products.

Finally the plan included an outline of the operation and company structure along with financials including projections for profit and loss and cash flow. (NB: There are numerous courses, articles, books and journals which can be used as a guide to develop a business plan as well as assistance from government agencies avail yourself of them).


A proposed budget was formulated in conjunction with the business planning process. This can be very difficult in the event that you are a start up business and to be quite honest it often seems like you are pulling figures out of the air!

Our budget planning process was greatly enhanced by collaboration with other local breweries. Although other organisations in the same industry would traditionally be seen as competitors, the microbrewing sector in WA is small and very collaborative. CBC is indebted to Feral Brewery in the Swan Valley and Bootleg and Bush Shack in the South West for their assistance in providing a myriad of information and figures, which greatly assisted our budgeting process.A number of other important information sources which assisted in developing possible sales figures included visitor numbers from the local visitor's centre as well as industry bench-marking figures.


What a nightmare is all we can say! Although we had many banks and financial institutions comment on the quality of our business plan we we're unable to secure any business finance for our project. The project was fully funded through house mortgaging.

Planning approval

We knew we had a great idea the next step was to get the necessary approval from the local council which at first seemed to be quite a straight forward step. This could not have been further from the truth. The initial application seemed straightforward and was submitted with little effort or consideration on our part mistake number one! Our planning approval was granted with 37 conditions attached. Some seemed reasonable however others we're completely unreasonable and would have seriously affected the viability of the business as a whole.

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