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Started with the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Black IPA from, um, California. I've heard a little bit about this Beer Camp thingy. Sounds like you get picked to go visit Sierra Nevada, hang with other beer nerds from around the nation, decide whose beer is best, and then the winner brews their beer. This winner happens to be a Cascadian Dark Ale with Nelson Sauvin hops and eaten by a Belgian yeast. I like all those things on their own, and I like this beer altogether. Initially roasty and a touch on the near-chocolate side, the tropical New Zealand hops throw on some sunglasses and mellow it out for a bit. With a frothy head courtesy of a subdued Belgian yeast, this beer is quite possibly the best meld of three polarly different flavors I've had since Le Freak. And actually, I think that was two flavors.

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Then I moved on to a Blue Dot. BLUE DOT!!! I couldn't really remember the last time I had one, but I knew I loved it. This here's an unfiltered Double IPA that's been quite dry hopped. I'm pretty sure they're Simcoe; I just dry-hopped Sesh Type Thing part II for 20 days with Simcoe and Glacier hops, and the flavor is uncannily similar. It's a cloudy refreshing bit of awesome that is a staple of the Portland Double IPA community.

Then I went to a Stillwater Stateside. 12oz. A true delight. The yeast in this thing is phenolically gorgeous. Folks are shelling out $12 a 4pk for these beers, and it's easy to see why. The body is kinda thick and spicy. Take that where you will. I love this beer and after a while it might even become one of my favorites. The As Follows is another fantastic Stillwater ale, and I think I might have even reviewed it a while ago. Go look.

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