Earlier this week a horrible event took place in Pakistan.

Earlier this week a horrible event took place in Pakistan. Two girls, aged 15 and 16, we're videoed dancing outside their house in the rain. It actually gets worse; one of the girls even had the audacity to smile at the camera whilst carrying out these despicable acts. I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but they actually appeared to be having fun.

Now I am sure you are as shocked by their actions as I am. Luckily, their step brother (clearly a quick thinker), did the only thing possible to restore the family's honour after the girls disgraceful actions. He got together with his mates and shot both the girls and their mother dead. We can only hope that the family can put the action of these girls behind them and get on with their lives, well those that are still living at least.

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Of course I jest; the only horrific actions above are of the maniac brother and any society or culture that believes such behaviour is acceptable.

The term misogyny has very much been in vogue over the recent political cycle. I, along with 90% of the Australian population, had never used this term until our former Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, decided to try to change it's meaning and make the term as common in Australian households as Gday or fully sick, depending on which part of the country you live in.

You may recall Gillard proudly beating her chest and convincing us that she is a woman of principle by saying that she will point out misogyny wherever she sees it. This is interesting because she has been eerily quiet on these events in Pakistan.

So why is this? Was the misogyny campaign just some confected outrage by Gillard in a desperate attempt to win votes? Is the poor treatment of women less important when you are not trying to tear down a clearly superior opponent?

Or maybe that isn't correct. Perhaps it is just that in the scheme of things these events in Pakistan aren't extreme enough for Gillard. After all, she has led many in our community to believe that Tony Abbott doing something as ghastly as looking at his watch or wearing a blue tie is the most offensive thing that could ever happen to a woman. More offensive it would seem than being executed by your step-brother for dancing and smiling.

It does seem that just being Tony Abbott in general is the most misogynistic thing a person can do. Just off the top of my head here are some examples of things that did not warrant being pointed out as hatred of women by the lady who promised to point out misogyny wherever she saw it.

1) Clearly making fun of Gina Rinehart does not count as misogyny. Surely a successful business woman is something that the feminist types would be proud of? Alas making fun of Rinehart has always been acceptable as Gina gets belted from pillar to post by every left wing zealot. Googling Rineharts name informed me that there is a F**k Rinehart Facebook page which has over 38,000 members and forums that are discussing the serious issues such as Is Gina Rinehart a fat pig? . Stay strong Gina. I am sure Gillard will be there to defend you against these misogynistic attacks shortly.

2) Lets not forget when Gillard made the great misogyny speech that she was doing so in defence of Peter Slipper after it was revealed he had described female genitalia by saying They look like a mussel removed from it's shell. Look at a bottle of mussel meat! Salty c**ts in brine! Is he a misogynist? I will let you be the judge. Clearly Gillard decided that he was fine and stood by Slipper. Of course at the time Gillard needed Slippers vote to stay as Prime Minister. Could it be that Gillard only believes in standing up for personal issues when it doesn't affect her personal agenda? Surely not.

3) Of course there is Kyle Sandilands. The undisputed king of misogyny. Gillard was always very happy to be photographed with Sandilands and to appear on his show. Sandilands of course is credited with labelling a woman he did not like on air as a fat slag , a fat bitter thing , a piece of s**t and a fat troll . While this might seem like misogyny at face value I can confirm that Sandilands was not wearing a Blue Tie at the time, nor was his name Tony Abbott. So perhaps it was appropriate for Gillard to turn a blind eye to these comments and grab onto Sandilands coat tails in a desperate bid to increase her popularity.

Ex PM Julia Gillard With Radio Star Kyle Sandilands. Teaching Us That Calling A Woman A 'Fat Slag' Is Not Offensive.

The list goes on and on. To call Julia Gillard a hypocrite would be a gross understatement.

Many reading this may feel that pointing out her hypocrisy may be a waste of time, after all she is no longer Prime Minister.

But the facts remain the same. Horrific events like the one that took place in Pakistan earlier this week are still going on. Gillard has led many in our nation to ignore real examples like this and to focus on ridiculous fantasies that suit their warped political agenda.

Instead of worrying about the colour of someones tie or spreading fear by pretending that women will somehow be disadvantaged by an Abbott government (apparently the most generous maternity package in Australias history is the definition of chauvinistic). Lets focus on real misogynists. Like monsters who shoot teenage girls for dancing and smiling.

P.S As I was finishing this article I noticed a news story saying that comedian Josh Thomas (he calls himself a comedian, I think that is probably disrespectful to comedians) sent a tweet to Tony Abbott last night saying Stop the boats? I would prefer it if you stopped YO MOMMA from comin round my place at night for sex.

I assume that Gillard is currently putting together a statement condemning Thomas for his comments. Keep an eye out for it.

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