Maximizing Your Affiliate Marketing Profits

Let's talk about maximizing your affiliate marketing profits . As you might already know, affiliate marketing is basically just selling other peoples products. Depending on what product you are selling, you can make commissions of up to 75% and sometimes even more.

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With simple affiliate marketing , you convince potential buyers of a product to go to a specific website and if they end up buying the product, you make some money.

As an affiliate marketing example, let's suppose that you want to get people to buy a specific dog training ebook. You found one on Clickbank that sells for $40 of which you will make $30 in commission. You do some marketing of various types and find that for every 100 people you send to the sales page for this ebook, 2 or 3 will buy it.

So you do some more marketing and end up getting 1000 dog owners to take a look at the sales page for this product and 25 buy it. You just made $750 and feel pretty good about yourself.

That is until you talk to another affiliate marketer pushing the same product. Lets call his name Bob, since most people with that name are pretty cool. Now several months ago Bob spent $1,000 and enrolled in a mentorship program . You also took a look but decided that $1,000 was too much.

So here are the results of Bob's affiliate marketing program for the same dog training ebook. Because of the extra skills that he learned in the mentorship program, Bob was able to send 2000 dog owners to the sales page in the same amount of time that it took you to send 1000.

Now the most important thing that Bob had recently learned was that ' The Money is in The List ". So instead of sending 2000 people directly to the ebook sales page, he sent them to another page first. When he offered a free dog report in exchange for their name and email address, 1000 people took him up on his offer. They we're then sent to the ebook sales page with the other 1000 potential buyers.

Since you got 25 sales for your 1000 referrals, let's say that Bob got 50 sales for his 2000 referrals. So Bob's affiliate marketing profits we're $1500 , but he has to subtract the $1,000 he invested in his training so his net profit was only $500. But let's not forget about the 1,000 names and emails that Bob also has.

Bob was pretty proud of himself. He had learned that 'The Money is in the List' and he now had a nice list . So he sat back and waited for the money to start rolling in.

Well, the money did not start rolling in like he expected. So this proves that the money is not in the list. With a little more digging through his notes, he found the real answer.

The money is in the Follow Up!

This is the simple affiliate marketing technique that most people miss out on and end up leaving thousands of dollars on the table . Bob began to develop a relationship with these 1000 people by giving them free and useful tips and reports. Eventually they will begin to trust him and will end up buying different products from him for years to come.

So Bob's affiliate marketing profits will end up being in the multiple thousands of dollars instead of the original $500.

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