The PowerShot essentially caters to professional photographers

The PowerShot essentially caters to the professional photographers who don't want to be limited by digital presets via a manual mode, and beginners who want to take pictures like the pros with it's Smart AUTO mode. You just can't lose when it comes to the Canon PowerShot A1400. Even though one would think that taking videos through a digital camcorder would be preferable, the A1400?s video capturing mode is more than enough of a functionality to allow you to take quick clips and home movies that the whole family can enjoy. The Canon PowerShot A1400 boats of a dedicated movie button and a 720p HD video mode that doesn't at all suck out the life of the included AA-alkaline batteries. With that said, here's the true bottom line when it comes to the A1400; it has more than enough functionalities to justify a $200 or $250 price tag, yet it's available at $100.

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What's more, it's 16 Megapixel Sensor and DIGIC 4 Image Processor essentially enables you to capture those moments in the best and most detailed light possible. As a photographer, you'll be given the tools and the accuracy to record for posterity images that could move the hearts of many or at least tug at your own heartstrings once you place them into your digital or real-world photo album. The power of nostalgia and memorable moments that you should not let pass you by is right at your fingertips thanks to the power of the Canon PowerShot A1400 at delivering stunning images that embody the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words". While 5x optical zooms with a 28 mm wide-angle lens isn't enough to, say, take pictures of a concert from afar or showcase the fine hairs of an ant via macro photography, it is enough to give you grand, compelling, and close-up shots, particularly headshots of the people you hold near and dear to you.

The Bottom Line When It Comes to Purchasing the Canon PowerShot A1400

If you want every last cent of your $109 to count, then it's imperative that you buy the Canon PowerShot A1400. That's because it has convenient offerings like the Smart AUTO, which is a feature that makes taking beautiful pictures as effortless as possible. Here's how the Smart AUTO works; it essentially analyzes the scene and chooses the optimal settings from preset shooting conditions (about 32 of them). If you're a professional photographer, you can skip these presets and make your own customization with no problem. If you only want to point and click yet still end up with magnificent shots worthy of a centerfold spread, then you can depend on the Smart AUTO to automatically choose the best picture setting for any given situation. This is one of many reasons why the Canon PowerShot A1400 is usually rated 4 out of 5 stars or 90 over 100 in scores and reviews.

Furthermore, the PowerShot A1400 is also renowned for it's comfortable, ergonomic design that's easy to grip and hold as well as it's Optical Viewfinder that's capable of acquiring the grandest of photographs even in the glare of sunlight in the hottest of afternoons. At any rate, this camera is equivalent to that to the bed of the youngest bear in the tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears. While the father's bed was too hard (i.e., high-end cameras that can do anything, has the best and latest DIGIC image processor available, yet cost as much as a smartphone, a game console, a cheap laptop, or a high-quality guitar) and the mother's bed was too soft (i.e., built-in tablet and smartphone cameras that have decent megapixel rates but have questionable image processing methodologies that leave your pictures grainy, blurry, or otherwise pixilated), the youngest bear's bed was just right (i.e., the Canon PowerShot A1400 has a good balance between affordability and cost-effective features like 720p HD videos and the familiar feel of a classic point-and-shoot digicam).

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