The Online Degree Dorm Room

Info and Tips on getting an online degree

So here you are, the end of the semester is approaching, and you're and trying to balance exams, papers and projects. Meanwhile, the cafeteria food has you homesick for some good cooking, and your roommate's pile of clothes is oozing into your side of the room.

Ah, but it's so much easier here in the online dorm room

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But hey, either way we all have to handle stress. With online classes, it might not come from roommates, but there's always the stress of job deadlines and other family responsibilities trying to grab your time away from the classes you're taking.

If the stress is more than you can handle, consider these tips:

- Get organized. When your work space and schedule are organized,the rest of your life

becomes better organized. Take the time to arrange your papers into files by subject, putting your books on a bookshelf and clearing your desktop every day. Then, get an organizer or PDA and start putting due dates and social activities on the calendar.

Personal note - I currently use a Dell Axim PDA and I'm here to tell you, it really does make a difference when you've got your "to-do list" to refer to anywhere you want. It makes thing so much easier, especially for folks like me that forget half of what the need to do

- Discuss any problems with your professors or an adviser. You should take full advantage of the knowledge your adviser has in helping you manage your schedule and to help you combat any problems you are having with certain subjects. If you have a spouse who supports your efforts to obtain an online degree, make sure he or she is involved and understands your issues. There's nothing like having a supportive spouse to discuss things with.

Its often amazing how much my wife knows that I don't

- Maintain a balanced lifestyle. It's important to eat, sleep, and exercise regularly. I have to admit I need to get back on that expensive treadmill we bought this year. You should also make a point to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, and carry light snacks with you to maintain your energy throughout the day. You should also have a goal to get eight hours of sleep each night, and exercise for 30 minutes at least three times a week.

- Take your vitamins! Studies have shown some all-natural supplements can be beneficial in the fight against stress. So make sure you supplement your diet with the right vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other supplements that can help your body ward off the effects of stress.


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