End-of-line packaging machine for automatic full overwrapping of bundles

The Overwrapper EW 60 automatically packages single and multiple bundles in a heat-sealable film. As any subsequent tampering with the sealed article is immediately recognizable, overwrapped bundles are particularly tamper-evident. An integrated servomotor controls the fully automatic film feed with high precision. The SmartControl operating system allows intuitive and comprehensible operation of the EW 60. It also assists the user during format and film changeovers, which are completed quickly on account of the small number of plug-in format parts. The clear-cut design of the EW 60 allows the user good access and optimum ease of use.

  • Tamper-evident: The full wrapping of cartons in heat-sealable film is particularly effective against tampering. Every form of subsequent interference is immediately obvious.
  • Accurate: The servomotor regulates film feeding for added precision and quality.
  • Efficient: Fast and easy format and reel changeovers improve the overall output of the EW 60.Safety and quality thanks to film tightening function and tear control
  • Flexible: Frequency and servo-driven conveyors offer maximum flexibility in pharmaceutical packaging. Multi-lane bundles can also be handled.
  • Safe: Extensive safety and warning devices, e.g., jam and overload monitoring, stand for uninterrupted production.
  • Integrated: As the overwrapper is designed for downstream connection to an Uhlmann cartoner, it is part of a GMP-compliant, end-to-end production process.
  • Ergonomic: The easy-to-clean cantilever design gives the user a clear overview and good accessibility.
  • User-friendly: The SmartControl operating system ensures intuitive and comprehensible operation of the EW 60.

EW 60

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