TOMRA: QVision, The Future of Fat Analysis has arrived in Canada. No requirement for high energy X-Rays. In Addition to Fat Analysis the QVision provides Collagen/Protein & Moisture results. Contact Shawpak Systems for more information the sole representative in Canada.

The TOMRA QVision is a fat, protein and moisture analysis solution for the meat industry. The QVision Analyzer allows suppliers to provide a consistent product quality that provides large savings by increasing profitability and simplifying daily operation.

The QVision Analyser applies unique transflection technology which measures VIS-NIR light that has penetrated deep into the meat before it is analyzed. As the full width of the belt is analyzed, intelligent algorithms instantly verify what is belt and what is food product. The product flow is weighted in parallel analysis data and weight data is matched in real-time to take into account any density difference in the food product. These features allow both fresh and frozen food products to be analyzed at very high accuracies and capacities. Surface effects and limitations in grind size are eliminated.


  • Increase profitability and simplify daily operation 
  • Consistent end product quality 
  • Large savings in reduced lean give-away 
  • Smarter purchasing through quality control of raw materials 
  • Reduce human and sampling errors 
  • Full quality traceability and documentation of batches  
  • Increased throughput 
  • Direct analysis of molecules 
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership 
  • Small footprint


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