most significant breakthrough technologies in the shrink-wrapping business. Our full line of standard wrappers includes L-bar sealers, intermittent motion side sealers, continuous motion side sealers and vertical wrappers, as well as shrink tunnels, that are all made in the U.S.A.

L Seal Wrappers

L-sealers are named for the L-shaped seal configuration which simultaneously makes the end and side seal of one package as well as the front seal of the trailing package.

Side Seal Wrappers

Side sealers are generally considered the most flexible of the various wrapper styles and are often chosen by contract packagers who have the need to wrap a never-ending variety of packages.

Vertical Seal Wrappers

Vertical seal wrappers encapsulate products in a continuous tube of film similar to side seal wrappers, sealing along one side of the package and then separating them into individual units downstream using a cross seal. 

Lap Seal Wrappers

Lap seal wrappers place a nearly invisible overlap seal under the package making a very attractive package while using the minimum width film.

Side Infeed Budling Solutions

Side infeed bundlers are perfect for taking one product that is unsupported (not in a tray or on a pad) and turning it into a multipack.

Inline Bundling Solutions

The Tekkra in-line wrappers are designed for shrink bundling products that can stand by themselves. 

Single Roll Bundlers

Texwrap introduces the new Kayat SRX series single roll bundler product platform. The SRX-CTF is the first in the SRX series.

Forced Air Convection Tunnels

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