As a leading global systems supplier for the packaging of pharmaceutical products in blisters, bottles, and cartons, Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG provides flexible integral solutions for international pharmaceutical companies, generics manufacturers, and contract packers. On the basis of innovative packaging lines, services and digital solutions, Uhlmann sets standards in terms of quality, efficiency, and availability. As a total solution provider, the company offers consultation, project management, implementation, and services from a single source

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Blister Machines & Lines

The spectrum of machines is impressive: ranging from small and flexible for fast batch changeovers, to universal machines offering mid-range performance, to high-speed blister machines for mass production. Fast format changeovers and a straightforward user interface promote short setup times and allow ergonomic, uncomplicated operation


Whether blisters with solid or parenteral products, bottles including a leaflet, booklet, or application aids: Uhlmann intermittent or continuous motion cartoners package pharmaceutical products in cartons with utmost precision

Integrated Bottle & Cap

Uhlmann presents two pharmaceutically compliant, integrated lines for the packaging of tablets in bottles in the form of the IBC 150 and IBC 240


Feeding systems for all pharmaceutical products

Stretch Bander

wraps cartons in optional bundle configurations and can be seamlessly integrated into the Uhlmann line. The handling of multi-lane bundles and various stacking systems offer maximum flexibility for pharmaceutical packaging

Case Packer

packages cartons filled with solid or parenteral blisters, or bundles of cartons, in cases ready for dispatch. The steps cover erecting the case blanks, loading from the side, and two-sided closure of the case


palletizing module for fully automatic end-of-line packaging. Cartons are packaged in cases ready for dispatch and the cases stacked on pallets

Over Wrapper

Automatically packages single and multiple bundles in a heat-sealable film. As any subsequent tampering with the sealed article is immediately recognizable, overwrapped bundles are particularly tamper-evident


Flexible and efficent labelling

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